School Segregation in Modern America: New York’s Separate and Unequal Schools

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio visits the Amber Charter School in Manhattan The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights lists education as a right for all. New York City, a liberal stronghold, presents an outdated public schooling system whose institutionalized, racist factors permit racial and socio-economic separation within schools. Schools draw from areasContinue reading “School Segregation in Modern America: New York’s Separate and Unequal Schools”

Conflict Prevention in the 21st Century: an evening with Noel Lateef and The Lafayette Club

While heavy rain poured outside on Thursday, 11 October, students and members of the Lafayette Club committee gathered in the society room of St Andrews’ Hotel du Vin Thursday evening to hear Noel Lateef speak on the importance of conflict prevention in the 21st century. Mr Lateef, longstanding president of the Foreign Policy Association basedContinue reading “Conflict Prevention in the 21st Century: an evening with Noel Lateef and The Lafayette Club”

Educational Gerrymandering: A Look at Modern Segregation in American Schools

Gerrymandering, as explained by the Washington Post, refers to ‘the drawing of political boundaries in a way that gives your party a numeric advantage over an opposing party’. This long-sustained tactic employed by both the Democratic and Republican parties has transformed, moving beyond the legislative, beyond the confines of Partisan advantage. Gerrymandering has entered aContinue reading “Educational Gerrymandering: A Look at Modern Segregation in American Schools”

An Education, Disrupted: Attacks on Schools in Pakistan

Since the Taliban seized control of Pakistan’s Swat Valley in 2007, they, and other militant groups in the area, have systematically campaigned against the region’s educational institutions, particularly those catering to girls, by way of violent attacks. Many of these attacks have been highly publicized, including the December 16th, 2014 Peshawar massacre that resulted inContinue reading “An Education, Disrupted: Attacks on Schools in Pakistan”

Facing Demolition: The Khan al Ahmar Bedouin Community

In the early morning of Sunday the 19 February, 2017, Israeli forces raided Khan al Ahmar, a Bedouin community located northeast of Jerusalem. Civil defense personnel cordoned off the area surrounding the primary school and a nearby mosque before declaring it a closed military zone. Thirty-nine stop-work orders were served to homes and community buildingsContinue reading “Facing Demolition: The Khan al Ahmar Bedouin Community”

The Right to Higher Education

Since the 1980s, the cost of higher education has risen sharply, with severe consequences for students and society in general. While in the past paying the equivalent of $10,000 was possible for most, paying off student debt has become a lifelong process. It has now reached crippling levels, to the point where people in theirContinue reading “The Right to Higher Education”

Summer Series: Living in a Globalized World

Global Language Project is a non-profit organization that specializes in giving students the opportunities to learn languages from a young age. Angela Jackson, the founder and CEO of Global Language Project, described during her TED talk how important it is to open a child up to other cultures, while simultaneously allowing a child to furtherContinue reading “Summer Series: Living in a Globalized World”