Facing Demolition: The Khan al Ahmar Bedouin Community

In the early morning of Sunday the 19 February, 2017, Israeli forces raided Khan al Ahmar, a Bedouin community located northeast of Jerusalem. Civil defense personnel cordoned off the area surrounding the primary school and a nearby mosque before declaring it a closed military zone. Thirty-nine stop-work orders were served to homes and community buildingsContinue reading “Facing Demolition: The Khan al Ahmar Bedouin Community”

The Human Right to Housing

“This fact–the great fact that poverty and all its concomitants show themselves in communities just as they develop into the conditions toward which material progress tends–proves that the social difficulties existing wherever a certain stage of progress has been reached, do not arise from local circumstances, but are, in some way or another, engendered byContinue reading “The Human Right to Housing”