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Protocol Magazine is St Andrews University’s student run human rights publication. Founded as an independent initiative in 2012, Protocol has been affiliated with St Andrews student union since 2018.

By providing high-quality analysis, commentary, and review, Protocol strives to promote awareness of and encourage an all-encompassing study of human rights issues. This includes raising awareness of human rights issues underrepresented by the media, critiquing the framework of human rights themselves as well as highlighting human rights on campus and offering an insight to a career in the field. We offer our writers a broad degree of creative freedom, inspiring articles on a wide range of issues from human rights in everyday spaces to major International events.

We hope that you will both read and engage with our articles, allowing us to be a dynamic force in student life and students minds. If you are inspired to pitch an article to us, we continually review submissions throughout the academic year: they can be emailed to protocol@st-andrews.ac.uk (student and staff of the University of St Andrews only please).

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