The Haitian Rice Industry: Has Haiti Really Been Decolonized?

Slums in Pond-Sonde, Haiti. Source: NBC News We are living in a world so corrupt that the Global North can exert power, exploit and dominate the Global South. They are able to do this through the means of policies that claim they will ‘develop’ countries, so no one questions what they are doing. In reality,Continue reading “The Haitian Rice Industry: Has Haiti Really Been Decolonized?”

Approaching Day Zero of Cape Town’s Water Crisis in the Aftermath of Apartheid

The South African Apartheid, which systematically separated the black and white populations–was officially dismantled in 1991. Before the Apartheid, native South Africans underwent hundreds of years of subjugation under white imperialist countries, namely the Dutch and the British. Stemming from centuries-long white suppression, the end of the Apartheid did not succeed in accomplishing total equality;Continue reading “Approaching Day Zero of Cape Town’s Water Crisis in the Aftermath of Apartheid”

Importance of Food Banks for Non-food Items

In recent years there has been an increase of food banks and centres in use in Britain. A number of factors contribute to their increase and there is not a simple answer or solution regarding how to help those that use them. Food banks provide more than just food; they provide toiletries, baby supplies, cleaningContinue reading “Importance of Food Banks for Non-food Items”

Lion: How an Oscar-Nominated Film is Helping to Change the Lives of India’s Street Children

The incredible story of Saroo Brierley has been brought to cinema screens with the release of the 2016 film Lion, starring Dev Patel and Nicole Kidman. The film, adapted for the big screen from Brierley’s memoir A Long Way Home, tells the true story of how he reconnected with his birth family in rural India,Continue reading “Lion: How an Oscar-Nominated Film is Helping to Change the Lives of India’s Street Children”

Facing Demolition: The Khan al Ahmar Bedouin Community

In the early morning of Sunday the 19 February, 2017, Israeli forces raided Khan al Ahmar, a Bedouin community located northeast of Jerusalem. Civil defense personnel cordoned off the area surrounding the primary school and a nearby mosque before declaring it a closed military zone. Thirty-nine stop-work orders were served to homes and community buildingsContinue reading “Facing Demolition: The Khan al Ahmar Bedouin Community”

The Human Right to Housing

“This fact–the great fact that poverty and all its concomitants show themselves in communities just as they develop into the conditions toward which material progress tends–proves that the social difficulties existing wherever a certain stage of progress has been reached, do not arise from local circumstances, but are, in some way or another, engendered byContinue reading “The Human Right to Housing”

Roma in Europe – Caught Between Social Crises and Viable Options

It is difficult for local communities to absorb large numbers of itinerant Roma as higher crime-rates seem to follow them wherever they go. Two weeks ago, The Guardian informed readers about a trial in France where the defendants were charged with forcing their children to carry out a series of burglaries. Though making up lessContinue reading “Roma in Europe – Caught Between Social Crises and Viable Options”