Approaching Day Zero of Cape Town’s Water Crisis in the Aftermath of Apartheid

The South African Apartheid, which systematically separated the black and white populations–was officially dismantled in 1991. Before the Apartheid, native South Africans underwent hundreds of years of subjugation under white imperialist countries, namely the Dutch and the British. Stemming from centuries-long white suppression, the end of the Apartheid did not succeed in accomplishing total equality;Continue reading “Approaching Day Zero of Cape Town’s Water Crisis in the Aftermath of Apartheid”

Protocol Perspectives: Waging Water Wars

Politics, corporate interests, and climate change are intersecting within the changing demographics of an increasingly globalised world. Drought is beginning to pervade our world in unimaginable ways. How do these issues affect access to potable water worldwide? This discussion will delve into the implications for human rights, with focus on a Bolivian case study andContinue reading “Protocol Perspectives: Waging Water Wars”

Bottling It Up: The Voiceless Right to Water

It can seem as though there’s no escaping from water. After all, it covers over 2/3 of the surface of the planet, and comprises 60% of the human body. It boils freely in pan and kettle, and runs instantaneously at the twist of a tap. It fills lochs and lakes, and rushes in streams orContinue reading “Bottling It Up: The Voiceless Right to Water”