Locating the Anthropocene: Man’s Devastating Impact Upon Earth

Image by Matt Palmer on Unsplash By Matt Goodey Humans have had a devastating impact upon the planet. There is no doubt to be had about this. CO2 levels have risen at an unprecedented rate in the last 100 years. And that does not look to be changing in any significant manner in the nearContinue reading “Locating the Anthropocene: Man’s Devastating Impact Upon Earth”

Not Even the ‘Hotel Rwanda’ Hero Can Get Kagame in Trouble

The international community’s golden child at the 2018 Munich Security Conference. Photo by MSC / Hildenbrand By Anna Videbaek Smith Not even the late-night hours of August 27th 2020 could tame the scorching Dubai heat, as 66-year old Paul Rusesabagina boarded a private jet. While slightly jaded from ill health and the passing of time,Continue reading “Not Even the ‘Hotel Rwanda’ Hero Can Get Kagame in Trouble”

Filipino Healthcare Workers, Forgotten Martyrs of the Pandemic

Photo by SJ Objio on Unsplash By Kathy Dimaya When I was in hospital in New York City in 2015, I noticed a handful of Filipino nurses taking turns monitoring the patients in the emergency room. Each time a nurse carted me to another test, I counted even more Filipinos in the other practice areas,Continue reading “Filipino Healthcare Workers, Forgotten Martyrs of the Pandemic”

Some Days are for Hope

Image by E.J Wolfson on Unsplash Written by Jack McGrath Yesterday, the 25th of September 2021, the Hazara community and their friends commemorated all those who were murdered, sold into slavery, and brutalised during the 1890-1893 Hazara genocide which was perpetrated by the then emir of Afghanistan Abdur Rahman Khan. It is a genocide thatContinue reading “Some Days are for Hope”

Opinion: “Hollow words and empty promises” from our university.

Written by Keith Minami To put it bluntly, the University of St Andrews’s response to the recent global reckoning regarding systemic racism has been pathetic. The fact that we have heard little from those who hold positions of power within the university is not only shocking, but shows a blatant disregard for the well-being ofContinue reading “Opinion: “Hollow words and empty promises” from our university.”

Opinion: The Case for Reassessing Voter ID Laws

Article by Teia Swan Photo by Kelley Minars on Flickr.com The U.S. Voting Rights Act of 1965 aimed to establish federal protections against voter suppression by outlawing mechanisms such as literacy tests and mandating federal oversight on the electoral proceedings in states with tendencies to practice voting discrimination. While the legislation was generally effective inContinue reading “Opinion: The Case for Reassessing Voter ID Laws”

Opinion: Tear Down the Walls of Beauty

Drawing by Satori RT via Amino Existing in a space free of judgement is a fundamental right. However, for individuals that fit outside of the traditional mainstream beauty standards, manoeuvring through day to day life can prove to be difficult. In the United States, which idealizes and prioritizes thin, white, able bodies who show littleContinue reading “Opinion: Tear Down the Walls of Beauty”

Opinion: A Street Fight With Authoritarianism

Protestors clash with police, via Lam Yik Fei for The New York Times 22 years ago, Hong Kong was handed back to China. The Chinese promise was that they would allow us to have our own autonomy until 2047, upholding the ‘One Country, Two systems’ until then. The recent proposal of an extradition bill backedContinue reading “Opinion: A Street Fight With Authoritarianism”

The Haitian Rice Industry: Has Haiti Really Been Decolonized?

Slums in Pond-Sonde, Haiti. Source: NBC News We are living in a world so corrupt that the Global North can exert power, exploit and dominate the Global South. They are able to do this through the means of policies that claim they will ‘develop’ countries, so no one questions what they are doing. In reality,Continue reading “The Haitian Rice Industry: Has Haiti Really Been Decolonized?”

Illegal, Dangerous, and Discriminatory

A tweet by California’s Governor Newsom. Over the past five years, there has been a growing case against the use of lethal injections under the death penalty. In 2014, Clayton Lockett’s case garnered international attention for his execution that lasted 1 hour and 44 minutes from the time he was strapped onto the gurney toContinue reading “Illegal, Dangerous, and Discriminatory”