Disruption for Dummies: A Beginner’s Guide to Contextualizing Just Stop Oil’s Climate Work Within the Havoc Big Oil has Wreaked on Human Rights

Suella Braverman and her compatriots (and you, if you find yourself excessively annoyed) are playing the world’s smallest violin when it comes to the degree of disruption Just Stop Oil activists, demanding the ban of all new fossil fuel projects, have caused in the United Kingdom. “Threat to our way of life” seems to be a bit of a melodramatic battlecry when your adversaries are your neighbours…

Polite protest: fundamental rights, the British way

Image by Markus Spiske on Unsplash By Maya Zealey “Democracy is not something that you believe in, or something that you hang your hat on. It’s something that you do, you participate. Without participation, democracy crumbles and fails.” This is a quote from Abbie Hoffman, a controversial activist who rose to prominence protesting America’s involvementContinue reading “Polite protest: fundamental rights, the British way”

Understanding the Paradox

2019 riots in Chile literally leave the streets in flames. Source: flickr.com Within Latin America, Chile is one of the leading nations for the highest Gross Domestic Product (GDP) rates per-capita and is often lauded as an economic success story. Yet, Chile is also plagued by great economic disparity within the country. This contradictory situationContinue reading “Understanding the Paradox”

Protests against the LGBTQI Pride procession in Sarajevo cast a long shadow over Balkan integration

People protesting in Sarajevo after initial proposal for parade was rejected in 2017. Photo accssed via BBC . Before crowds could march through Sarajevo in Bosnia’s first ever LGBTQI Pride procession on 8 September 2019, they would be outnumbered by series of pre-protests across the city. One such protest, calling itself the “Day of theContinue reading “Protests against the LGBTQI Pride procession in Sarajevo cast a long shadow over Balkan integration”

Police brutality, expulsion and music – containing protest in Russia

Rally for the right to vote in Moscow on August 10th 2019. Source: Sergey Leschina, via Wikimedia Commons. The summer of 2019 in Russia stood in stark contrast with last year’s flourish and excitement surrounding the 2018 FIFA World Cup. It was a summer marked by marked by violence and widespread political discontent. In theContinue reading “Police brutality, expulsion and music – containing protest in Russia”

Protest and Corruption in Russia

On March 26, 2017, there were mass protests all over Russia in response to the publication of information regarding the estates and property owned by Dmitry Medvedev, the current prime minister of Russia. The details of these properties were published on the blog of Alexei Navalny, the current leader of the opposition in Russia, whoContinue reading “Protest and Corruption in Russia”

Green Authoritarianism? Human Rights and Environmental Reform in China

In February 2017 local officials in Daqing, Heilongjiang Province, struggled to disperse protests against the construction of an aluminium plant in the city. Dismissing promises that it would increase employment in the city, residents were angry at the prospect of another polluting industrial project in their backyards. Similar demonstrations were seen against planned industrial developmentContinue reading “Green Authoritarianism? Human Rights and Environmental Reform in China”

Crushed Spirit but Reinvigorated People: How One Man’s Death Reignited the Voice of a Nation

On October 28th, the small ocean-side city of Al-Hoceima was shaken by the death of Moroccan fish salesman Mouhcine Fikri. Although the fishing, possession, and dissemination of swordfish after autumn is illegal in Morocco, Fikri had managed to acquire 500 kg (1,000 lbs) worth, estimated to be valued at $11,000, and, following a desperate attemptContinue reading “Crushed Spirit but Reinvigorated People: How One Man’s Death Reignited the Voice of a Nation”

Victory for Polish Women’s Rights

A controversial abortion bill was rejected by the Polish parliament on Thursday, 6 October after public protests throughout the preceding week. The law was rejected by a large margin of 352 to 58, with 18 abstaining votes by members of the lower house of parliament, called the Sejm. The bill would have limited abortion toContinue reading “Victory for Polish Women’s Rights”

Uganda: Stable State, Unstable Politics

After years of oppression and civil war following independence, Uganda’s relative security means it has a generally positive – if sometimes controversial – image on the world stage. Considered one of the continent’s more prosperous states, it is the seventeenth-largest economy in Africa, and it continues to grow; furthermore, travel and tourism rates consistently risingContinue reading “Uganda: Stable State, Unstable Politics”