The Unlikeliest Members of the Islamic State

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), is reported to be using social media to recruit new members from Europe, North America and Australia according to the International Business Times. The United States Department of State said it is aware of dozens of U.S. citizens fighting for ISIS, and the British government estimates thatContinue reading “The Unlikeliest Members of the Islamic State”

Forced Ultrasounds for Abortion: Is it Simply Too Much Information?

In a world where informed consent is a cornerstone of medical practice; we examine if there is such a thing as too much information when consenting to a procedure, and if so, does forcing women to have ultrasounds prior to obtaining an abortion cross this line? Informed consent is a key principle that lies atContinue reading “Forced Ultrasounds for Abortion: Is it Simply Too Much Information?”

A Different Take on Climate Change: Socio-economic Impacts

A lot of discussions on climate change that we receive in the media focus on its effect on the natural environment—the melting of glaziers, coral bleaching, more extreme weather patterns, just to name a few. Not enough attention is given to the extremely important point that climate change is more detrimental to the poor thanContinue reading “A Different Take on Climate Change: Socio-economic Impacts”

The Fragile Net

One of the centrepieces of the University of St Andrew’s 600th anniversary celebrations was the Graduation Ceremony. Hundreds attended the ceremony itself and many more streamed the ceremony live. The star of the show, in many ways, was Hillary Clinton, ex-Secretary of State and potentially the future President of the United States. She wasn’t theContinue reading “The Fragile Net”

Sterility for Sale

Cash-for-sterilisation. It’s an idea that took me a while to get my head around, despite the fact that it really is as simple as it sounds. Established in 1997 by Barbara Harris, Project Prevention tours States and cities across America (recently expanding overseas), touting one simple message: “Don’t let a pregnancy ruin your drug habit”.Continue reading “Sterility for Sale”

Do They Know It’s Christmas Yet?

In November 1984 supergroup ‘Band Aid’ released their charity single ‘Do they know it’s Christmas?’ and sold 3.69 million copies worldwide. Proceeds were to be donated in support of famine relief following Michael Buerk’s report from Ethiopia. The Thatcher government was highly criticised for obtaining the record’s value added tax; only later under much publicContinue reading “Do They Know It’s Christmas Yet?”

Will Cuba still remain an Island-Cage?

Last summer, I had the chance to travel throughout the eastern part of Cuba and stay in casa particulares – rooms in Cuban homes rented by locals who obtained a license from the government. This trip gave me the chance to receive a first-hand perception of how Cubans have lived under the Castro regime forContinue reading “Will Cuba still remain an Island-Cage?”