‘Last Night in Sweden’: Immigration, Crime, and Misrepresentation

At a rally-style event in Florida on February 18th, President Trump illustrated his anti-immigration stance by alluding to a number of terror attacks in Europe. Alongside mentions of attacks in Paris, Brussels, and Nice, Trump urged his supporters to “look at what’s happening last night in Sweden … they took in large numbers [of immigrants].Continue reading “‘Last Night in Sweden’: Immigration, Crime, and Misrepresentation”

France the Police State: The Decline of Enlightenment Ideals in the Wake of Terror

On the afternoon of July 14th, 1789 a mob of Parisians stormed the Bastille in the name of “liberté, égalité, and fraternité” as well as a democratic future for France. The French Revolution was characterised by a desire to designate and protect the rights of man. Although almost 230 years have passed since the mobContinue reading “France the Police State: The Decline of Enlightenment Ideals in the Wake of Terror”

Counter-Terrorism: Intrusive, Inconvenient, Illegal or Necessary?

In light of the recent attacks in Paris and Brussels, there is an even greater need for governments, the European Union, and the United Nations to impose effective counter-terrorism measures. Arguably, the severity and intensity of these attacks has led to a popular demand to know what exactly is being done to prevent such attacksContinue reading “Counter-Terrorism: Intrusive, Inconvenient, Illegal or Necessary?”

We’ll Get You All: Terror As a Response to Terrorism

A spray-painted swastika and the words: “We’ll get you all” deface the door to the home of seven Eritrean refugees just days before one, Khaled Idris Bahray, is found stabbed to death in his own courtyard. In Dearborn, Michigan, on February 12th, an Arab family is attacked after being called “terrorists” and ordered to “goContinue reading “We’ll Get You All: Terror As a Response to Terrorism”

The Unlikeliest Members of the Islamic State

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), is reported to be using social media to recruit new members from Europe, North America and Australia according to the International Business Times. The United States Department of State said it is aware of dozens of U.S. citizens fighting for ISIS, and the British government estimates thatContinue reading “The Unlikeliest Members of the Islamic State”