CCTV and Its Effects on Privacy Rights

Closed circuit television has been used for surveillance and security purposes in the UK since as early as 1970, and the technology’s usage has broadened from originally only high risk targets such as banks to almost all high street shops. The predicted 4.5 million CCTV cameras thought to be in the UK are largely unmanned,Continue reading “CCTV and Its Effects on Privacy Rights”

Counter-Terrorism: Intrusive, Inconvenient, Illegal or Necessary?

In light of the recent attacks in Paris and Brussels, there is an even greater need for governments, the European Union, and the United Nations to impose effective counter-terrorism measures. Arguably, the severity and intensity of these attacks has led to a popular demand to know what exactly is being done to prevent such attacksContinue reading “Counter-Terrorism: Intrusive, Inconvenient, Illegal or Necessary?”