International Human Rights Law Missed the Boat on Environmental Justice – Yes, Even During its Recent Success Story

On September 23 2022, eight indigenous Australian Torres Strait Islanders and six of their children became the first claimants in international legal history to successfully assert, in front of the UN Human Rights Committee, the failure of a national government to protect human rights from the consequences of government-engendered climate change…

5 Things You Might Not Have Known About Cuba

Photo by Emanuel Haas on Unsplash 1. Cuba has two currencies. These are the CUP (Cuban Peso) and CUC the (Cuban Convertible Peso). Most wages are paid in CUP, while most consumer goods are priced in CUC. Because the CUC is pegged to the US dollar and the CUP is not, this system greatly diminishesContinue reading “5 Things You Might Not Have Known About Cuba”

Exile in the Modern Age: The Case of Shamima Begum

Shamina Begum in 2015, courtesy of PA via BBC News In 2015, at the age of 15, the second-generation Bethnal Green local was radicalised and coaxed into abandoning her home to travel to Syria and join the Islamic State. Within two weeks she was married to 23-year-old Dutch convert, Yago Riedijk. Over the coming yearsContinue reading “Exile in the Modern Age: The Case of Shamima Begum”

Life in Limbo: Yazidi Tales of Refugee Life in Northern Iraq

Khalaf Dakheel is a 17-year old Yazidi refugee and journalist living in a camp in Iraqi Kurdistan. A writer for the National Discourse with his work having featured in the Jerusalem Post, he often reports on conditions within the camp and life for its Yazidi residents. I spoke to him about his work and hopesContinue reading “Life in Limbo: Yazidi Tales of Refugee Life in Northern Iraq”

Climate Change-Related Displacement: The “refugee” label, human rights, and state responsibility

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is the primary international organisation advocating for refugee rights. The UNHCR 1951 Convention and 1967 Protocol Relating to the Status of Refugees constitute the fundamental international legal instrument for the protection of refugee rights. According to Article 1A(2), a refugee is defined as aContinue reading “Climate Change-Related Displacement: The “refugee” label, human rights, and state responsibility”

The Border that Death Creates

A pressing issue that is not given enough attention in the media is the degree of violence experienced by migrants at EU borders and the transnational effects that holds. Iosif Kovras and Simon Robins shine a light on the issues that undocumented migrants and their families face due to methods of security implemented at theContinue reading “The Border that Death Creates”

No Place Like Home: The Plight of Refused Asylum Seekers

As informed individuals, we like to think that we are aware of the trials and tribulations faced by refugees. We have seen the various headlines surrounding the currents events in Syria, Yemen, and other such countries. Back in 2015, over a million refugees arrived in Europe as a result of various crises and these refugeesContinue reading “No Place Like Home: The Plight of Refused Asylum Seekers”

UNICEF On Campus St Andrews Third Annual Symposium Panel Discussion

On Friday 7th April, UNICEF On Campus St Andrews held the opening event of their Annual Symposium, their largest fundraising event of the year. The Symposium, which this year carries the theme of Migration and Health, spans two days and features a panel discussion and a day of talks from speakers with a variety ofContinue reading “UNICEF On Campus St Andrews Third Annual Symposium Panel Discussion”

‘Last Night in Sweden’: Immigration, Crime, and Misrepresentation

At a rally-style event in Florida on February 18th, President Trump illustrated his anti-immigration stance by alluding to a number of terror attacks in Europe. Alongside mentions of attacks in Paris, Brussels, and Nice, Trump urged his supporters to “look at what’s happening last night in Sweden … they took in large numbers [of immigrants].Continue reading “‘Last Night in Sweden’: Immigration, Crime, and Misrepresentation”

The Expulsion of Afghan Refugees From Pakistan

“No matter who you are, your heart will turn black with so much abuse.” – Afghan refugee, 25, returning to Afghanistan, November 2016. For the past 40 years, over 1.5 million registered Afghan refugees, and an estimated one million unregistered persons, have made Pakistan their home. In the last two years, however, tensions between PakistanContinue reading “The Expulsion of Afghan Refugees From Pakistan”