Migration as a Human Right? Debunking Myths Surrounding the UN Migration Pact

Two years after the adoption of the New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants in the wake of the refugee and migrant crisis in Europe, the United Nations (UN) has completed its preparations to further international cooperation and coordination concerning migration. This comes with the United Nations General Assembly’s embrace of the Global Compact forContinue reading “Migration as a Human Right? Debunking Myths Surrounding the UN Migration Pact”

Pueblo Sin Fronteras

Contrary to what recent headlines suggest, the caravan of migrants from Latin America traveling north is not a brand new event. Though the 2018 group is the largest yet, estimated to consist of above 1,000 individuals, this organized journey has been occurring since 2010, through the organization Pueblo Sin Fronteras. Pueblo Sin Fronteras facilitates groupContinue reading “Pueblo Sin Fronteras”

Present-Day Venezuelan Migration

Surviving in Venezuela has gotten no easier with the turn of the new year. Venezuela’s political mismanagement of late has produced a human rights crisis in which citizens continue to lack reliable access to basic staples, such as food and medicine. Inflation continues to rise – predictions for the coming year suggest it may hitContinue reading “Present-Day Venezuelan Migration”

The Border that Death Creates

A pressing issue that is not given enough attention in the media is the degree of violence experienced by migrants at EU borders and the transnational effects that holds. Iosif Kovras and Simon Robins shine a light on the issues that undocumented migrants and their families face due to methods of security implemented at theContinue reading “The Border that Death Creates”

Climate Refugees: A Global Issue

Europe is in the midst of a massive migrant crisis as people flee from nations of conflict in the Middle East. A refugee in this context has been defined by the 1951 UN Refugee Convention as a person with “well-founded fear of being persecuted because of race, religion, nationality, or membership of a social groupContinue reading “Climate Refugees: A Global Issue”