Famine, Forced Migration and Fear: Tigray One Year Later

Image by Gerald Schombs on Unsplash  By Sarah Rennie In April 2021, when I last wrote about the Tigray war, four months of violence had plagued this northern Ethiopian region. At the time of writing this article (exactly a year later), the brutal conflict is still ongoing. While there are now many different factions involved,Continue reading “Famine, Forced Migration and Fear: Tigray One Year Later”

Present-Day Venezuelan Migration

Surviving in Venezuela has gotten no easier with the turn of the new year. Venezuela’s political mismanagement of late has produced a human rights crisis in which citizens continue to lack reliable access to basic staples, such as food and medicine. Inflation continues to rise – predictions for the coming year suggest it may hitContinue reading “Present-Day Venezuelan Migration”

Changes and Challenges in Humanitarian Intervention

People need more than food to have a normal life, pointed out Alasdair Gordon-Gibson during his talk in St Andrews on October 16th. Gordon-Gibson graduated in 1982 from the University of St Andrews with an honors degree in Arabic and Islamic Studies. He went on to lead a successful career with the British Red Cross,Continue reading “Changes and Challenges in Humanitarian Intervention”