Life in Limbo: Yazidi Tales of Refugee Life in Northern Iraq

Khalaf Dakheel is a 17-year old Yazidi refugee and journalist living in a camp in Iraqi Kurdistan. A writer for the National Discourse with his work having featured in the Jerusalem Post, he often reports on conditions within the camp and life for its Yazidi residents. I spoke to him about his work and hopesContinue reading “Life in Limbo: Yazidi Tales of Refugee Life in Northern Iraq”

Changes and Challenges in Humanitarian Intervention

People need more than food to have a normal life, pointed out Alasdair Gordon-Gibson during his talk in St Andrews on October 16th. Gordon-Gibson graduated in 1982 from the University of St Andrews with an honors degree in Arabic and Islamic Studies. He went on to lead a successful career with the British Red Cross,Continue reading “Changes and Challenges in Humanitarian Intervention”