No Place Like Home: The Plight of Refused Asylum Seekers

As informed individuals, we like to think that we are aware of the trials and tribulations faced by refugees. We have seen the various headlines surrounding the currents events in Syria, Yemen, and other such countries. Back in 2015, over a million refugees arrived in Europe as a result of various crises and these refugeesContinue reading “No Place Like Home: The Plight of Refused Asylum Seekers”

Stateless and Scorned: The Rohingya People

Amidst headlines saturated with an almost frenzied coverage of the recent United States presidential election, many news stories are drowned out and often go underreported, especially those involving the deprivation of the rights we often assume as granted. The failure by media outlets to spread awareness regarding the plight of the Rohingya people epitomises theContinue reading “Stateless and Scorned: The Rohingya People”

Stateless and Illegal: Haitian Sugar Cane Workers in the Dominican Republic

Bateyes: a Spanish word literally meaning “outbuildings (of sugar [refineries]).” The bateyes located in the Dominican Republic are home to up to a million Haitians. These communities are where Haitians reside after they are brought across the Haitian-Dominican border or rounded up from within the Dominican Republic itself. Within these primitive residences, Haitians are forcedContinue reading “Stateless and Illegal: Haitian Sugar Cane Workers in the Dominican Republic”