Review: The True Cost of Fast Fashion and the Globalized Economy

Most of us do not think twice when shopping at places like Forever 21, H&M, or Zara. In fact, the affordability of these stores has contributed to their consistent popularity, so much so that these so-called “fast fashion” retailers have become the primary destination for shoppers on a budget. Cheap, stylish clothing has become soContinue reading “Review: The True Cost of Fast Fashion and the Globalized Economy”

The Wage Gap: “If You’re a Woman, You Will Earn Less Than a Man”

The wage gap is a buzzword of sorts, having been discussed by Patricia Arquette in her Oscar acceptance speech and by Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail. Despite its relevance as a mainstream topic of discussion, it continues to persist. But why does the wage gap occur? If politicians, actors, and the more than 5Continue reading “The Wage Gap: “If You’re a Woman, You Will Earn Less Than a Man””

The Human Cost of Chinese Growth

On the 17th of March 2003, police in Guangzhou stopped Sun Zhigang, a migrant worker from Hubei Province and graduate of Wuhan University of Science and Technology, and detained him because he hid not have a temporary residence permit. He was not released, but was transferred to a holding centre for ‘vagrants’ (无业游民), and threeContinue reading “The Human Cost of Chinese Growth”

Healthcare Reforms: Not Safe, Not Fair

For 68 years the National Health Service in the United Kingdom has demonstrated the fundamental human right for everyone of the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of physical and mental care. This standard is now threatened by the new contract proposed in recent years by Jeremy Hunt. The issues arising from the Conservative goalsContinue reading “Healthcare Reforms: Not Safe, Not Fair”

Qatar World Cup 2022: An Ugly Side of Opulence

The FIFA World Cup is the world’s most important sports event with millions of viewers worldwide, generating more than $5 billion from broadcast and advertising. However, this prominent international organisation has been criticised for its failure to consider human rights issues in certain host countries, including Brazil and Russia, and its hesitancy to exercise itsContinue reading “Qatar World Cup 2022: An Ugly Side of Opulence”

Stateless and Illegal: Haitian Sugar Cane Workers in the Dominican Republic

Bateyes: a Spanish word literally meaning “outbuildings (of sugar [refineries]).” The bateyes located in the Dominican Republic are home to up to a million Haitians. These communities are where Haitians reside after they are brought across the Haitian-Dominican border or rounded up from within the Dominican Republic itself. Within these primitive residences, Haitians are forcedContinue reading “Stateless and Illegal: Haitian Sugar Cane Workers in the Dominican Republic”