The Destruction of the Amazon: Systemic Causes

Fires are currently burning in the Amazon rainforest at the highest rate in over 10 years. Via ABCNews. The Amazon rainforest is disappearing at a record rate. Deforestation in the Amazon has been continually increasing, and is up by 30% from last year. As a result, this year marks the highest rate of deforestation inContinue reading “The Destruction of the Amazon: Systemic Causes”

Cuba: A Model for Sustainable Agriculture

In 2006, the World Wildlife Fund identified Cuba as the only country in the world to achieve sustainable development. This was largely due to the great success of its agricultural sector. The Cuban state for the past quarter of a century has encouraged local production by small scale farmers, using sustainable strategies without chemical pesticides.Continue reading “Cuba: A Model for Sustainable Agriculture”

Summer Series: After Ebola: Sustainable Agriculture in Sierra Leone

Planting potato vines in raised rows. Using new tools to turn the soil. Planting peppers in a nursery, shaded by palm fronds, before transplanting them. Spreading quality fertilizer. These are not new or revolutionary techniques. However, they have the ability to make a huge impact on a farmer’s yields. My name is Emma Middleton andContinue reading “Summer Series: After Ebola: Sustainable Agriculture in Sierra Leone”

Stateless and Illegal: Haitian Sugar Cane Workers in the Dominican Republic

Bateyes: a Spanish word literally meaning “outbuildings (of sugar [refineries]).” The bateyes located in the Dominican Republic are home to up to a million Haitians. These communities are where Haitians reside after they are brought across the Haitian-Dominican border or rounded up from within the Dominican Republic itself. Within these primitive residences, Haitians are forcedContinue reading “Stateless and Illegal: Haitian Sugar Cane Workers in the Dominican Republic”