Summer Series: After Ebola: Sustainable Agriculture in Sierra Leone

Planting potato vines in raised rows. Using new tools to turn the soil. Planting peppers in a nursery, shaded by palm fronds, before transplanting them. Spreading quality fertilizer. These are not new or revolutionary techniques. However, they have the ability to make a huge impact on a farmer’s yields. My name is Emma Middleton andContinue reading “Summer Series: After Ebola: Sustainable Agriculture in Sierra Leone”

Summer Series: A Conference to Change the World

How many places exist where you can find people from all over the world, of all religions, and from opposite sides of violent conflict in one room discussing how to make the world a better place? This is exactly what happens in Caux, Switzerland every summer where Initiatives of Change holds its conferences. In aContinue reading “Summer Series: A Conference to Change the World”

Summer Series: Writing Wrongs – The language of aid, development and neo-colonialism

She was a “white Muzungu with long angel hair” who fell in love with a German pilot, singlehandedly started a school for HIV-positive children, and managed to survive a vicious attack on her host village from genocidaires connected to the Hutu-Tutsi conflicts of the 1990s. At least, that’s the story Louise Linton tells in herContinue reading “Summer Series: Writing Wrongs – The language of aid, development and neo-colonialism”

Summer Series: Imagine a World Like This…

You wake up every morning in a refugee camp, converted into a city, commonly referred to as “the ghetto” by your Israeli counterparts; life is anything but easy. In fact, water might not even be accessible by 2020. It has been two years since your family fled from your previous home, seeking refuge in aContinue reading “Summer Series: Imagine a World Like This…”

Summer Series: Living in a Globalized World

Global Language Project is a non-profit organization that specializes in giving students the opportunities to learn languages from a young age. Angela Jackson, the founder and CEO of Global Language Project, described during her TED talk how important it is to open a child up to other cultures, while simultaneously allowing a child to furtherContinue reading “Summer Series: Living in a Globalized World”

Summer Series: Refugees and Legal Aid

The room feels almost like the waiting area at a doctor’s office. Rows of seats with armrests dividing them, 5-foot-tall translucent dividers between waiting areas, a check-in desk with two women being only as nice as they have to be. There is even a vending machine and a children’s play area, complete with games andContinue reading “Summer Series: Refugees and Legal Aid”