Qatar World Cup 2022: An Ugly Side of Opulence

The FIFA World Cup is the world’s most important sports event with millions of viewers worldwide, generating more than $5 billion from broadcast and advertising. However, this prominent international organisation has been criticised for its failure to consider human rights issues in certain host countries, including Brazil and Russia, and its hesitancy to exercise itsContinue reading “Qatar World Cup 2022: An Ugly Side of Opulence”

The forced labour behind the great constructions

At first glance, the large structures stand out reaching up into the sky. Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, stands among them as one of United Arab Emirates’ greatest creations. Enormous malls, beaches, hotels and other aspects of the luxurious life one can live in Dubai or Abu Dhabi are what most see when theyContinue reading “The forced labour behind the great constructions”