The Right to Higher Education

Since the 1980s, the cost of higher education has risen sharply, with severe consequences for students and society in general. While in the past paying the equivalent of $10,000 was possible for most, paying off student debt has become a lifelong process. It has now reached crippling levels, to the point where people in theirContinue reading “The Right to Higher Education”

Stateless and Scorned: The Rohingya People

Amidst headlines saturated with an almost frenzied coverage of the recent United States presidential election, many news stories are drowned out and often go underreported, especially those involving the deprivation of the rights we often assume as granted. The failure by media outlets to spread awareness regarding the plight of the Rohingya people epitomises theContinue reading “Stateless and Scorned: The Rohingya People”