The Intolerant Left? Labour’s Anti-Semitism Problem

On March 26th, hundreds of people, including Labour MPs, protested against anti-semitism within the Labour Party and the handling of anti-semitism by leader Jeremy Corbyn. However, this protest is just the most recent in a history of allegations of anti-semitism and an avoidance of addressing this issue within the Labour Party. Historically the Labour PartyContinue reading “The Intolerant Left? Labour’s Anti-Semitism Problem”

A Death in Detention: Life Inside UK Immigration Removal Centres

On 3rd October 2017, Morton Hall Immigration Removal Centre (IRC) – an ominous, high-security, 392-room deportation centre based in Lincoln – became the site of the third detainee death in UK centres in less than a month. Carlinton Spencer, aged 38, had apparently repeatedly called for medical assistance, while his health deteriorated. He was eventuallyContinue reading “A Death in Detention: Life Inside UK Immigration Removal Centres”

Brexit and Prisoners' Right to Vote

A prisoner looks out of his cell On the 23rd of June 2016, 52% of British voters elected to leave the European Union in a national referendum. Britain joined this union in 1973 when it was the European Community, under the conservative government of Edward Heath. Different political analysts will cite different reasons as ultimatelyContinue reading “Brexit and Prisoners' Right to Vote”

Are the Tory’s Toying with Human Rights?

The Conservative Party conference in Manchester took place over four days and drew to a close this Wednesday. Perhaps most notable to readers of this magazine will be what was said (and implied), on Monday regarding Britain’s involvement in the European Convention of Human Rights. Some voices within the party, including Home Secretary Theresa May,Continue reading “Are the Tory’s Toying with Human Rights?”

Do They Know It’s Christmas Yet?

In November 1984 supergroup ‘Band Aid’ released their charity single ‘Do they know it’s Christmas?’ and sold 3.69 million copies worldwide. Proceeds were to be donated in support of famine relief following Michael Buerk’s report from Ethiopia. The Thatcher government was highly criticised for obtaining the record’s value added tax; only later under much publicContinue reading “Do They Know It’s Christmas Yet?”