‘If he beats you, it means he loves you’: Domestic Assault Law and Russian Culture

Source: Sergey Fadeichev/ TASS Sign translation: (right) All women need are their fundamental human rights! (middle) To the victims of violence – protection and support! In a country where one woman dies every 40 minutes as a result of domestic violence, there is an almost ubiquitous acceptance of abuse in Russian culture and increasingly inContinue reading “‘If he beats you, it means he loves you’: Domestic Assault Law and Russian Culture”

The Ethical Expense of Contemporary Smartphone Infatuation

Part of acknowledging one’s position of privilege in society is undertaking more ethical approaches to consumption. This is a complicated task under the conditions of late capitalism, but particularly in the 2010’s when considering the ubiquity of smartphone ownership. By 2020, it is projected that smartphone ownership worldwide will rise to 2.87 billion. While thereContinue reading “The Ethical Expense of Contemporary Smartphone Infatuation”

‘You left me behind’: How a Five-Year-Old Signed Her Rights Away

Over 130 immigrant children are still being held in the United States’ government custody, despite widespread backlash and claims from the White House that the practice has ended. However, the practice has not ended; rather continued under secrecy and loopholes. An unknown amount of children are still in shelters and foster care, awaiting reunification withContinue reading “‘You left me behind’: How a Five-Year-Old Signed Her Rights Away”

America First, Human Rights Too

The past few weeks have highlighted an important issue: the United States’ enforcement of border security, in particular its separation of children from their parents. The United States has a responsibility to pursue its citizens’ interests, but traumatizing children, whether they are Americans or not, is not a legitimate means to do so. Putting AmericanContinue reading “America First, Human Rights Too”

Review: Symposium X Children in Conflict

St Andrews UNICEF On Campus held its fourth annual Symposium on Monday 9 April in conjunction with the On The Rocks Festival. The nearly sold out event was held in the Byre’s top floor loft, extending an intimate feel to the event. The evening kicked off at 5:00 pm with a drinks reception, followed byContinue reading “Review: Symposium X Children in Conflict”

Forced to Break the Law After Incarceration: Sperm Smuggling in Palestine

Forty days after the birth of his first child, Fahmi abu Salah was arrested by Israeli forces, and sentenced to twenty-two years in prison. Several years later, baby Asaad was born to Fahmi abu Salah and May abu Salah in Palestine’s West Bank. Baby Asaad is one of numerous children born to Palestinian prisoners servingContinue reading “Forced to Break the Law After Incarceration: Sperm Smuggling in Palestine”

The Children of the Islamic States’ Jihadists: The Death of the White Widow and her 12-Year-Old Son

Sally Jones, an infamous British recruiter for the Islamic State known as the ‘White Widow’, is believed to have been killed in an airstrike near Raqqa, Syria, last June. Jones rose to notoriety as the leading female recruiter for the terrorist organisation after leaving her home in Chatham, Kent with her son JoJo to joinContinue reading “The Children of the Islamic States’ Jihadists:
The Death of the White Widow and her 12-Year-Old Son”

Child Marriage in India: The Facts

While child marriage in India was officially outlawed in 1929 with the Child Marriage Restraint Act its enforcement and definition have been a constant source of political debate up to current times within the country. When India was under British Colonial rule the legal minimum age for marriage was fifteen for girls and eighteen forContinue reading “Child Marriage in India: The Facts”

Child Marriage… In New York?

The issue of child marriage is widely discussed in the context of far away countries, where discrimination against women is the norm and access to education is limited. Unsurprisingly, this issue disproportionately affects young girls. A staggering 15 million girls worldwide are married before the age of 18, and not just in developing countries. InContinue reading “Child Marriage… In New York?”

Human Trafficking and the Internet

In February 2017, Ashton Kutcher and his tech company Thorn went viral. Thorn: Digital Defenders of Children is an anti-trafficking organisation that focuses primarily on the use of the internet in facilitating the sexual trafficking of children. Kutcher addressed the United States Senate Foreign Relations Committee to speak about ending modern day slavery, recounting theContinue reading “Human Trafficking and the Internet”