Confronting the UK’s Human Trafficking Crisis

Photo by Hermes Rivera on Unspash  By Anna Videbaek Smith Bilkisu was only 15 when she left her homeland of Nigeria behind. She had read of England, of course, but had never dared believe that she could one day trek the hilly fields of Hertfordshire like an Austenian heroine. Then a phone call from herContinue reading “Confronting the UK’s Human Trafficking Crisis”

Protocol Abroad: UNICEF Queens Conference on Human Trafficking

Jessica Craig is currently participating in a St Andrews Abroad exchange at Queens University in Kingston, Ontario in Canada. Human trafficking is a complex and devastating phenomenon in both the global north and south, affecting as many as 21 million people worldwide and generating around £18 billion in profits for its perpetrators. On 10th FebruaryContinue reading “Protocol Abroad: UNICEF Queens Conference on Human Trafficking”

SinBowl 50: Sex Trafficking and the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl 50: a celebration of fifty years of the NFL’s largest and loudest sporting spectacle. Hosted in the San Francisco Bay Area in February 2016, the famous hub of commerce and innovation fell victim to a parasitic wave of crime that plagues the football game every year. Human trafficking, particularly of enslaved sexContinue reading “SinBowl 50: Sex Trafficking and the Super Bowl”

Slaves Among Us: Modern Day Slavery in the United Kingdom

Modern day slavery affects at least 3,000 to 5,000 people in the UK today. This issue takes the form of domestic servitude, forced labour, and sexual exploitation. The British Empire abolished slavery in July 1833. The act did not take effect immediately. At the time, planters were still to be compensated with 20 million poundsContinue reading “Slaves Among Us: Modern Day Slavery in the United Kingdom”

The Silent Victims of Sex Trafficking

When people discuss human trafficking, the usual stereotypical imagery is evoked: an international young woman trafficked across borders, a group of children forced to harvest distant crops, an inner city brothel exposed as exploiting dozens of young girls and women. But rarely do we read of the male victims of human trafficking. Men typically occupyContinue reading “The Silent Victims of Sex Trafficking”

North Korean Brides for Sale

The one child policy in China is infamous for its strict controls limiting phenomenal population growth. However, such a policy has backfired, as a cultural preference for sons over daughters has resulted in high levels of abortion and staggering amounts of female infanticide – young girls are twice as likely to die as young boysContinue reading “North Korean Brides for Sale”