Another Round of Temporary Peace: How the Trauma for Israelis and Gazans Has Been Extended

A recent reigniting of violence between Israel and Gaza has once again brought to light the toll constant conflict has on the lives of citizens on both sides of the border. After decades of conflict and bloodshed, the emotional, psychological, and physical impact on citizens of the region has taken a horrifying toll. For manyContinue reading “Another Round of Temporary Peace: How the Trauma for Israelis and Gazans Has Been Extended”

Famine, War, and Disease: Why South Sudan Cannot Catch a Break

Ever since its independence from Sudan in 2011, the newly formed state of South Sudan has faced social, political and economic instability despite the efforts of countless forms of humanitarian aid and support. Earlier this year, the United Nations declared famine in parts of war-torn South Sudan where around 100,000 people face starvation and millionsContinue reading “Famine, War, and Disease: Why South Sudan Cannot Catch a Break”

50 Years of Fear: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

On Wednesday, June 8, 2016, two Palestinian gunmen opened fire at a popular market and restaurant area in central Tel Aviv, killing four people and injuring six. On Sunday, January 8, 2017, a Palestinian driver rammed a truck into a crowd of Israeli soldiers, resulting in the deaths of four people, while 17 others wereContinue reading “50 Years of Fear: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict”

Rediscovering the Art of Proxy War

The Cold War is often described as a ‘competition’ between the USA and the Soviet Union that existed in many different fields, from technology to diplomacy to sports. However, the opponents were limited from direct military confrontation by both sides’ terror of Mutually Assured Destruction through nuclear war. Yet, very quickly the Cold War turnedContinue reading “Rediscovering the Art of Proxy War”

The Silent Killer: Mental Health in Conflict Zones

When we consider the global impact of illness and disease, we might picture children in beds under mosquito nets to protect from malaria or the tightening of travel restrictions during the Ebola crisis. Most people would likely agree that disease is a pressing global issue, but few would think about mental health as a portionContinue reading “The Silent Killer: Mental Health in Conflict Zones”

St Andrews for Syria Preview: The White Helmets

The Syrian Civil War, now in its fifth year, has become a major crisis that affects not only Syria itself and the Middle East, but also the rest of the world. It has caused massive harm to the economy, with total economic losses from the beginning of the conflict to the end of 2014 estimatedContinue reading “St Andrews for Syria Preview: The White Helmets”

Peace Parks: Nonviolence and Conservation

Recently there have been multiple studies on the correlation between climate change and conflict, notably with the Syrian civil war. A study published in PNAS quantitatively connected climate change in the Fertile Crescent, most specifically the jarring drought, with human conflict. Articles have begun to warn about the dangers of shifting blame for human violenceContinue reading “Peace Parks: Nonviolence and Conservation”

Kashmir Who?

The Kashmir Conflict is one of the most heated disputes in today’s international world. Bill Clinton, former President of the United States, has even been quoted with saying that Kashmir is “the most dangerous place in the world.” This is largely due to the animosity and omnipresent fear of war that has loomed over theseContinue reading “Kashmir Who?”

Overcoming the Threat of Autonomous Weapons and Combat Robots

Autonomous weapons, broadly defined as weapons and robots able to select targets and engage in combat without human input, are being developed by the world’s foremost military powers including the United States, the United Kingdom, Israel, South Korea, China, and Russia. Experts have predicted that “technology allowing a pre-programmed robot to shoot to kill, orContinue reading “Overcoming the Threat of Autonomous Weapons and Combat Robots”