Breaking the Chains: Disability in Ghana

The stigma against mental health issues and treatment is, unfortunately, one without temporal or geographical boundaries. Though progress has been made through various campaigns and programs, in many regions, treatment practices which are generally considered to be inhumane relics of a time where such illnesses were not fully understood are a commonplace reality. One suchContinue reading “Breaking the Chains: Disability in Ghana”

Polling, Porn, and Privileges: What Does the ECHR Entitle Prisoners to?

Have you ever tried to go a whole night aware of the fact that you do not have access to a toilet until a certain time? It is not a comfortable situation to be in. Even the mere thought that you might need and not be able to access the toilet puts you on edge.Continue reading “Polling, Porn, and Privileges: What Does the ECHR Entitle Prisoners to?”

The Silent Killer: Mental Health in Conflict Zones

When we consider the global impact of illness and disease, we might picture children in beds under mosquito nets to protect from malaria or the tightening of travel restrictions during the Ebola crisis. Most people would likely agree that disease is a pressing global issue, but few would think about mental health as a portionContinue reading “The Silent Killer: Mental Health in Conflict Zones”

Ghana’s Prayer Camps

Facing a chronic shortage of appropriate medical care, the families of disabled people in Ghana are resorting to ‘prayer camps’. With just 3 public psychiatric hospitals and 12 practising psychiatrists across the whole country, according to Integrated Regional Information Networks (IRIN), families have resorted to sending their disabled relatives to ‘prayer camps’ run by privateContinue reading “Ghana’s Prayer Camps”