How to Ask for Your Human Rights: Lessons from Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Engraving of Elizabeth Cady Stanton by Henry Bryan Hall via Wikimedia I have never had to ask for my human rights. They were assigned to me, along with my name and my gender, around the moment I took my first breath. But how exactly does one go about asking for their rights? How can oneContinue reading “How to Ask for Your Human Rights: Lessons from Elizabeth Cady Stanton”

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights: A Landmark International Standard

December 10th marks the anniversary of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a touchstone piece of human rights work, fundamental to laying guidelines for later legislation on and treatment of human rights in the international community. The Declaration formally asserts that all human beings are free and equal, regardless of race, class, nationality, religion, genderContinue reading “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights: A Landmark International Standard”

Museums and Repatriation: Who Owns the Past?

Western cultural institutions such as the Louvre in Paris, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, Museum Island in Berlin, and the British Museum in London are host to millions of visitors each year and play an integral part in the history of their countries and even the world. These museums display objects fromContinue reading “Museums and Repatriation: Who Owns the Past?”

“Section Spéciale”: A Showcase For Unjustified Justice

On Thursday 6th October, the Amnesty International group of Strasbourg hosted a showing of the film “Section Spéciale” at the Odyssée cinema with Jean-Paul Costa, then President of the European Court of Human Rights, present to answer questions surrounding the topic of human rights violations throughout time. “Section Spéciale” is set during the emergence ofContinue reading ““Section Spéciale”: A Showcase For Unjustified Justice”