North Korea: The Untouchable State?

In today’s current international climate, North Korea represents a giant question mark on the international agenda. No state knows how to deal with the ‘North Korean issue,’ as North Korea commonly positions itself as an individual actor on the defensive from the rest of the world. This began when Kim Il-Sung introduced the philosophy ofContinue reading “North Korea: The Untouchable State?”

“Section Spéciale”: A Showcase For Unjustified Justice

On Thursday 6th October, the Amnesty International group of Strasbourg hosted a showing of the film “Section Spéciale” at the Odyssée cinema with Jean-Paul Costa, then President of the European Court of Human Rights, present to answer questions surrounding the topic of human rights violations throughout time. “Section Spéciale” is set during the emergence ofContinue reading ““Section Spéciale”: A Showcase For Unjustified Justice”