Torture in the United States: In Theory and Praxis

The United States is known by many as the global hegemon, especially in regard to military strength. While this is sometimes disputed, what cannot be is the vast scale on which the defense budget of the United States far exceeds that of any other country. In 2015, the defense budget of the US was $569.3Continue reading “Torture in the United States: In Theory and Praxis”

Can Obama Close Guantanamo Bay?

In January 2002, Guantanamo Bay detention centre opened its doors to receive the first of 779 total detainees, prisoners of President George W Bush’s War on Terror. The new facility, situated in Cuba, soon attracted criticism from humanitarian institutions and legal professionals alike. Yet, despite the US Supreme Court ruling the centre unlawful, it remainedContinue reading “Can Obama Close Guantanamo Bay?”