The Human Rights of Bling

In the wake of Valentine’s Day, some of our dear Protocol readers may currently be wearing a new necklace, bracelet, or ring from a loved one (or secret admirer). Gifting jewellery is extremely popular, with Americans spending more on jewellery than on any other gift for Valentine’s and Mother’s Day in 2017, purchasing nearly $10Continue reading “The Human Rights of Bling”

More Than Just a Forgotten War: An Abandoned People

In March, 2015, the civilian population in Yemen was struck with disaster. Pinned between two opponents, the Saudi Arabia-led coalition, supported by the United States, and the Houthi forces, the Middle East’s poorest country, Yemen, (as reported by The New York Times), experienced the deadliest terror attack to occur there up to that date, TheContinue reading “More Than Just a Forgotten War: An Abandoned People”

Fractured Land: Ethnic Conflict and Food as Weaponry in South Sudan

South Sudan is a nation in its infancy. Born in 2011 after decades of internal conflict whilst part of the Republic of Sudan, the country is mired in a civil war that has claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands. It is now faced by a further threat, resultant of the ethnic conflict it isContinue reading “Fractured Land: Ethnic Conflict and Food as Weaponry in South Sudan”

White Helmets Bring Hope in Syria

Since 2011, almost 200,000 Syrians have died in the bloody civil war that has beset the country. What started as pro-democracy protests in 2011 have turned into one of the deadliest civil wars to afflict the Middle East. With support from Iran and Russia and a lack of aid from the international community, the AssadContinue reading “White Helmets Bring Hope in Syria”