The Double Threat of Covid-19 and Wildfires on California’s Migrant Workers

Image taken from Unspalsh, by Marcus Kauffman; graphic by Rachael Millar By Sarah Booher That glass of wine, those strawberries in the morning, those grapes you eat as a snack; California’s central valley has been dubbed the ‘Salad Bowl of the World’ for the mass amount of produce that it provides not only to theContinue reading “The Double Threat of Covid-19 and Wildfires on California’s Migrant Workers”

Storytelling and Beyond: Contextualization of the News

Written By Olivia Rose Phillips Few, if any, events in 2020 have garnered more media coverage than the death of George Floyd. Mr. Floyd, a forty-six-year-old black man detained for allegedly passing a counterfeit twenty-dollar bill, was killed when a police officer held a knee on Mr. Floyd’s neck for eight minutes and six secondsContinue reading “Storytelling and Beyond: Contextualization of the News”

The Women of Belarus taking a stand against “Europe’s Last Dictator”

Written by Pippa Davis With the Western News cycle dominated by fears of postal vote rigging in the upcoming US presidential election, the electoral fraud transpiring across the Atlantic is being largely overlooked by the global community. Belarus, a land locked country of 9.5 million, is caught geographically and politically between Russia and the restContinue reading “The Women of Belarus taking a stand against “Europe’s Last Dictator””

The United States wildfires are our climate change reality check

Written by MacKenZie Rumage Looking at photos of the sky in San Francisco, I almost thought the photographers were using filters on their photos. There was no way that the sky looked that orange and hazy. How could there be no sun, or even a cloud? But these apocalyptic-looking photos show the reality in westernContinue reading “The United States wildfires are our climate change reality check”

Asian Identity During the Coronavirus Pandemic: How Fear Is Exposing Xenophobic Bigotry

Written by Depali Rai As a British Asian, from the very beginning of the Coronavirus outbreak, I had felt silent calculations forming in the heads of strangers I passed on the streets, waited on station platforms with and rode on buses alongside. Was I Chinese? Had I recently been abroad? Did I exhibit any symptoms?Continue reading “Asian Identity During the Coronavirus Pandemic: How Fear Is Exposing Xenophobic Bigotry”

How Judo Lessons In India Are Empowering Women Against Sexual Assault

Written by Siobhan Ali Rape has been a persistent and prevalent issue in India with more than 32,500 cases brought to the police in 2017 alone and many more going unreported. According to data compiled by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), the state of Madhya Pradesh has the highest number of reported cases inContinue reading “How Judo Lessons In India Are Empowering Women Against Sexual Assault”

Opinion: The Case For Breaking Up Big Pharma

Written by Adam Rektor-Polánek Photo via The outbreak of Coronavirus has shined a light on many uncomfortable truths about the world we live in. For example, the ways in which popular media feed off sensationalist, spectacle-centred reporting that leads to mass panic. Or how easily this panic then transforms into racist attacks, in thisContinue reading “Opinion: The Case For Breaking Up Big Pharma”

Conflict, Climate, and the Congo

By Leonie Malin Degraded forest in the area of Yangambi, DRC. Photo by Axel Fassio/CIFOR via Flickr. While newsrooms continue to be consumed by the chaos caused by the uncontrollable spread of the coronavirus, other relevant (and more lethal) issues are being swept under the rug. Countries with a history of civil conflicts and aContinue reading “Conflict, Climate, and the Congo”

Fear Is No Excuse for Forgetting Humanity

WHO is concerned about Human Rights during the novel coronavirus epidemic? By Pippa Davis The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has taken 2,711 lives in China with 80,419 infections reported and the number growing, domestically and internationally, every day. Such statistics are at the forefront of every news site, but the issues being overlooked are those ofContinue reading “Fear Is No Excuse for Forgetting Humanity”

Refugees or Migrants? A critical Distinction

Climate change = more climate refugees. #Melbourne Climate Strike IMG_5187 Source: John Englart, via flickr On January 7th a milestone decision was delivered by the UN Human Rights Committee asserting that world governments cannot deport individuals whose human rights are at risk of being violated due to the climate crisis, effectively granting them the rightContinue reading “Refugees or Migrants? A critical Distinction”